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Dr. Abraham Peters is the playable character in Doom VFR, which takes place shortly before the events of DOOM. He survived the initial Lazarus Wave released by Olivia Pierce, only to be killed by a Pinky shortly afterwards.[1])

Prior to his death, Dr. Peters' mind is digitized and uploaded into a cyborg body (similar to how his superior, Samuel Hayden, avoided death by brain cancer), enabling him to stop the demonic invasion. He fights through the hordes of Hell with scavenged weapons and the advanced functions of his new chassis, eventually reaching Hell itself and battling the escaped prototype of the Cyberdemon in order to close the portal allowing the demons to invade Mars. While successful in his efforts, Dr. Peters would be killed for good when Hayden deleted his consciousness from the UAC's digital network shortly after the portal was closed.

Behind the scenes[]

  • Strangely, an article claims that it's the same Dr. Peters (M. Peters) from DOOM, yet they don't share the same name, died differently (and their torsos are located in two different rooms in the base) with Abraham’s torso brought to the cyborgnetic research room) and M. Peter’s torso in a security room.