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A shot of the ACS minigame ZSuper Turbo Turkey Puncher 3.

An ACS Mini Game is game made with ACS for playing with in a Doom port (Often ZDoom). A craze was started by Andrew "Linguica" Stine and "Doom Racer" mini-game inside Action Doom, which was an ACS version of Rad Racer.

Games that have been made

  • Andrew "Linguica" Stine, as stated, started the craze with "Doom Racer". Linguica also created an ACS version of Tetris named Doomtris.
  • James "Isle" Bauer created Pong and a near exact replica of Doom 3's Super Turbo Turkey Puncher 3 in ACS. He also created Doom Hunt, a variation of Duck Hunt with Doom graphics, which can be found in his ACS minigame pack called ACS Arcade.
  • Jan "Grubber" Cholasta created an ACS version of Arkanoid.
  • Synert created an ACS version of Hangman. [link currently down due to the demise of the Skulltag forums]
  • Ijon Tichy created ACSTris, another ACS version of Tetris- it has a lot of modern features such as piece holding, ghost pieces, combos, etc.

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