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3DGE, also called Hyper3DGE, is the successor to EDGE. Originally created to power the Hypertension TC, its goal was changed to a full-fledged successor to EDGE after Andrew Apted discontinued the parent port. The first version, numbered 1.36, was released on Tuesday 12 April 2011.

As well as adding new features, the team also incorporated fixes to a few bugs left behind from EDGE. The team still receives limited help from the original developer when applicable.


  • All EDGE 1.35 features
  • MD3 model support
  • RoQ video support
  • Decals (from Doom Legacy)
  • Local two-player Splitscreen Mode
  • Sega Dreamcast Console play
  • Post-Processing Effects (such as rippling water, screen shake, and motion blur)
  • Inventory System (from Heretic, but can be used for Doom mods)


The team behind the port plans on adding basic Polyobject support directly from Hexen, a completed Multiplayer component, and Dreamcast binaries.

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