2002: A Doom Odyssey is a 2002 megawad for The Ultimate Doom which replaces all four episodes. The project was organized by Paul Corfiatis, who designed most of the levels, and also composed the megawad's soundtrack.

The megawad was first released on July 24, 2002. A second version was released on August 30, 2002, with changes to E1M3, E1M5, E2M2, E4M2, E4M5 and E4M6, as well as an additional level that can only be reached when the megawad is played in a ZDoom-based source port.

In 2003, it was listed as one of the top 10 WADs of 2002 in the Top 100 WADs of All Time article series during Doomworld's celebration of Doom's 10th birthday.

On July 30, 2004, a third version was released, with fixes to the megawad's MAPINFO lump, allowing every episode to be completed in ZDoom, as well as various fixes to certain levels. In addition, the secret exit definitions for E2M4 and E2M5 in the MAPINFO lump were switched, so that the player reaches E2M9 from E2M4 and E5M1 from E2M5, instead of the other way around. Unfortunately, the exit definitions for E2M9 and E5M1 (leading to E2M6 and E2M5, respectively) were not updated to match this, resulting not only in the player being unable to reach both secret levels in a single playthrough, and not only in the player being able to skip E2M5 by reaching and finishing E2M9, but in E5M1 taking the player back to the level they entered it from after finishing it.

The 10th Anniversary adition of 2002ADO was released July 26, 2012. It features many improvments to the texture alignment, gameplay, MIDI music and contains some all new maps (replacments for E3M5 and E4M1). Additional skies were removed in order to capture a more original Doom feel. The 10th anniversary edition (2002ad10.wad) does not overwrite the original release and is for Boom-compatible source ports. The secret exit in E2M5 now goes to E2M9, while E2M4 leads to E5M1. The new E3M5 contains a secret exit to the Secret Wolfenstein Level while the original E3M5 was moved to E4M9. Episode 4 was renamed to "Torment Ultima."

You have fought your way through that monster infested bloodbath to destroy the spider. Then you return
home to find out the awful truth that you're wife "Stephanie" has been kidnapped by Tommy the Trooper.
Your mission is now leads you back into hell in order to seek and destroy Tommy and rescue you're wife.


Deep into the Code:

Road to Eternity:

The Evil Unleashed:

The Search for Stephanie/Torment Ultima (10th Anniversary Edition name):

Soundtrack titles

Titles can be found in the original .mid files by Paul Corfiatis.

The complete original soundtrack was released on to Youtube in April 2012.

  • E1M1: "Barrels N' Troopers"
  • E1M2: "What's Around the Corner"
  • E1M3: "No Fear"
  • E1M4: "Citywoman Choir"
  • E1M5: "Sexy"
  • E1M6: "Rock It, Cock It"
  • E1M7: "Race Against Time"
  • E1M8: "Imperial Solutions"
  • E1M9: "Dance of the Trooper"
  • E2M1: "Banjo Lovers Delight"
  • E2M2: "Arch Vile Cathedral Band" (originally composed for Vilecore II)
  • E2M3: "The Choice"
  • E2M4: "Popdoom"
  • E2M5: "Eternal Sadness"
  • E2M6: "Hysterical Horror"
  • E2M7: "Waltz of the Damned
  • E2M8: "Totatly Evil"
  • E2M9: "Viva Lacrypt"
  • E3M1: "Runaway Train"
  • E3M2: "Spirit World II"
  • E3M3: "Feel the Pain"
  • E3M4: "Skull of the Revenant"
  • E3M5: "Moonrise"
  • E3M6: "Intensity"
  • E3M7: "Backfire"
  • E3M8: "Gunshot Dance"
  • E3M9: "Party in Hell"
  • Text screens: "Remix (for text screens)"
  • Ending scroll: "Warmup"

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